Through the process of carrying a child to term, a woman’s body undergoes a litany of changes and then experiences the physical trauma of childbirth. There is plenty of emphasis on slowly and methodically getting them back into a normal rhythm shortly after. However, there is one other individual who undergoes a similarly traumatic experience during childbirth- the child itself. Coming into the world can present an assortment of problems for the newborn child that can lead to long-term issues if not addressed with haste. Luckily, there are chiropractic-centric ways of helping your infant recover and thrive post-childbirth. 

Addressing Problems Quickly

During childbirth, the infant’s spine may experience trauma that can present itself as a future illness. Scheduling chiropractic care early on can help your child address any potential issues before becoming a bigger problem. The chiropractors at Academy Injury & Health Center, led by Dr. Frank McCaffery, have been trained in how to work with infants and get them the safe and reliable treatment that they need. 

In addition to spinal issues that may have arisen during childbirth, similar problems may occur during the earliest stages of development, leading to the need for chiropractic care. Overall, spinal adjustments for infants are vastly different than the ones commonly done on adults. For infants, the pressure used by chiropractors consists of gentle adjustments that, more often than not, go unnoticed by your child. 

Colic and Chiropractic Care 

Colic in infants has been a thorn in the side of parents for generations. Since there isn’t a clear consensus on what causes this, treatment options for colic can vary drastically. However, chiropractic care has proven to be an effective treatment for relieving the discomfort that stems from colic in infants. A series of gentle and specific adjustments are made that help your infant feel almost instant relief. 

Chiropractic care has given some of the best results, with 94% of colicky babies showing improvement with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic care is a gentle, conservative, and highly successful option for treating infants with colic. Chiropractic adjustments for infants are gentle, specific, and safe.

Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Help Reflux?

For infants, acid reflux occurs when the milk and the food they eat mix with their stomach acid and is promptly regurgitated back up. Frequent vomiting can be an indication that the child is suffering from some form of acid reflux. In some cases, acid reflux may be the result of vertebral misalignment, and a chiropractic visit can immediately help your child. Through a few gentle adjustments, your chiropractor can help gradually and safely correct the misalignment and give your child the relief that they need. 

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