Headaches are, unfortunately, a part of everyday life. Whether it is a consistent throbbing in your head or the kind of migraine that can knock you out for an extended period, headaches can prove troublesome. While doctors have not found a single common cause for the average headache, science has made strides in understanding the several types of headaches, some of their triggers, and how chiropractic can prove beneficial in the ongoing treatment of headaches. 

The Most Common Types of Headaches

Before determining a course of treatment, knowing the kind of headache you are suffering from is the first step towards recovery. The three most common types of headaches are cervicogenic, ocular, and tension. Each of these types of headaches has a specific set of triggers that can afflict a patient, and each can be treated through chiropractic care. 

Below you can find the three main types of headaches and their most common underlying causes: 

Infographic explaining the causes of common headaches.

Cervicogenic Headaches

These headaches present themselves as a dull ache at the base of your skull. From there, the pain radiates upwards and tends to strike one side of your head at a time. The duration of cervicogenic headaches varies and usually indicates excess stress in your neck. This stress is generally caused by an underlying problem, such as a damaged disk. 

Ocular Headaches

Ocular headaches trigger when the blood flow behind your eyes become restricted. Typically, your vision will be affected for a short time, but usually will return to normal inside the hour. Ocular headaches can be relatively painless or compounded by an accompanying migraine that can cause adverse effects. While ocular headaches can indicate a more serious medical problem, they are more often than not caused by dehydration, intense exercise, or high blood pressure, to name a few. 

Tension Headaches

Tension headache presents sufferers with mild to moderate pain. The initial causes of tension headaches can range from tension in the muscles at the neck’s base to increased stress, tiredness, and hunger. With tension headaches having such a wide range of causes, finding a consistent form of treatment can prove challenging. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Headaches

Whatever the type of headache, there is usually an underlying physical condition that contributes to the ailment. By identifying that underlying cause, you and your chiropractor can take a targeted approach to treat your headaches. If the initial headache was caused by a problem in your neck or back, a treatment course centering around targeted spinal manipulations may help alleviate the pressure. When seeking the care of chiropractors specializing in migraines, you can ensure that the treatment you get can directly help with your symptoms. 

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