Car accidents are traumatic events that can leave both emotional and physical scars long after the incident occurred. Aches and pains can persist long after your car gets fixed. At the same time, your insurance hashes out who pays for what in terms of the repairs. As you consult your doctor and determine a rehabilitation plan, you should turn to chiropractic care for your recovery. Building your rehabilitation program around regular chiropractic visits can help your recovery and get you back to where you were before the accident. You can also reap long-term benefits from incorporating chiropractic care into your post-car accident treatment recovery.  

chiropractic care for accident recovery

Address the Inflammation 

Aside from potentially broken bones, one of the most common ailments associated with car accidents is bruised and inflamed muscles. Because this kind of inflammation occurs at a microscopic level, they may not appear on a regular MRI. Our chiropractors can perform spinal adjustments that help realign your body and release a series of anti-inflammatory responses to help spur recovery. 

Decrease Dependency on Opioid Medication 

In terms of persistent pain stemming from accidents, your doctor may prescribe potent opioid medication to help you deal with the pain. In some cases, you can develop an over-dependence on these medications and lead to worse problems down the road. Chiropractic care offers patients a non-opioid treatment option to avoid accidentally going down the chemical-based medication route. 

Improved Range of Motion

If, during your accident, you suffered an injury to your shoulders, arms, or legs, your overall range of motion can be severely impacted based on the level of trauma. While physical therapy can help, supplementing that with regular chiropractic care can help you address the issue and restore your range of motion in a more timely manner. 

Long-Term Benefits

One hidden danger of not addressing the seemingly small injuries after an accident by hoping they simply go away is that the little problem progressively worsens until it becomes a big problem. People who turn to a chiropractor after an accident are able to have small problems identified early and treatment to prevent them from developing into more severe issues down the line. 

Your recovery after a car accident can be a long and winding road depending on the severity of the accident. By incorporating chiropractic care as a primary part of your recovery routine, you can help speed up your recovery and enjoy an opioid-free recovery plan. Our office features 1000 sq ft devoted solely to chiropractic rehabilitation, so there is no shortage of options for your recovery plan. To schedule an appointment with the well-trained team at Academy Injury and Health Center, contact our team today!