Is Chiropractic Care Healthy During a Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes to make room for a baby to grow. Not only will she experience additional pressure on her back, hips, and legs, hormone production begins to ramp up. A bigger belly, hormonal changes, and ligament and muscle discomforts can cause some serious stress on the body and result in misalignments. Luckily, relief could be just a chiropractor’s visit away! If you’ve been wondering how to relieve back pain during pregnancy or if treatment is safe, our pregnancy chiropractors are sharing several chiropractic adjustment benefits a woman can receive during pregnancy. 


Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy? 

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine and other joints, and their connection to the nervous system. During pregnancy, this type of physical therapy can reduce spinal nerve stress and promote favorable health throughout the entire body. While there are no known contraindications to receiving chiropractic care throughout pregnancy, it is still recommended to receive clearance from a doctor. Once cleared, chiropractic care can be essential in easing pain. It’s important to remember there are certain circumstances where it may not be a good idea and it’s typically not recommended for women who experience:

  • vaginal bleeding
  • placenta previa or placental abruption
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • moderate to severe toxemia


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman will experience many hormonal and physical changes. A protruding abdomen and changes to the pelvis can have an impact on posture, causing a misaligned spine or joints. This leads to several aches and pains and general discomfort for a woman. Regular visits to a pregnancy chiropractor can address these issues. In fact, 75% of mothers-to-be who struggled with back pain, headaches, and sciatica during their pregnancies reported pain relief. Other chiropractic adjustment benefits include:

  • Better birthing position
  • Help with mispositioned babies or previous cesarean section
  • Better emotional health 
  • Help to control symptoms of nausea
  • Help to maintain a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy
  • Length of labor 

Additionally, adjustments from a chiropractor can help re-establish balance and alignment to the pelvis and spine. While beneficial for the mother, it can also be helpful for the baby.


Chiropractic Care and Baby-to-Be

A pelvis that’s out of alignment can create several issues for the developing baby. A misaligned pelvis can restrict the amount of space a baby has to move freely, commonly known as intrauterine constraint. Another complicating factor of a misaligned pelvis involves delivery. When a pelvis is out of alignment, it can make it hard for the baby to move into the optimal birthing position. This can affect the woman’s delivery method and lead to a more complicated delivery. 

If you’re wondering how to relieve back pain during pregnancy or just need some relief from headaches, chiropractic care can help. At Academy Injury & Health Center, we are here for you. We can help you better deal with your pain and discomfort and create an at-home care plan to ease your aches. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so you can feel the relief you deserve!