Car Accident Recovery

When a car accident happens, recovery can take many forms. The severity of the injury and long-term effects will ultimately determine how long the process will take. Sometimes it’s a quick recovery, but other times it can take months, even years for a full recovery from your car accident. 

The team at Academy Injury & Health Center can help you during your car accident treatment. Meeting with our chiropractors after an accident has helped countless get back on their feet when it seems like so much has been taken away. Our team works with you through each stage of the recovery process and ensures you are both pain-free and symptom-free by the time your treatment finishes.

Some of the most common injuries that stem from car accidents that can be treated through chiropractic care include:

● Whiplash
● Neck and Shoulder Pain
● Chest Pain
● Head Injuries
● Herniated Discs
● Back and Spinal Injuries

Having the team at Academy Injury & Health Center behind you means that you have a talented group of doctors and chiropractors ready to help with every step of your auto injury recovery. Through proven treatment and care methods, we can get you through the traumatic event that is recovery from a car accident and help you get to where you want to be.

Whiplash Treatment 

Whiplash is one of the most common auto injuries. This condition occurs when your vehicle experiences a sudden impact that causes your neck to move in an unnatural and unexpected way, leaving sharp and lingering pain.

This type of injury can cause the fine muscles in your neck and upper back to tear. Due to the severity of the condition, proper chiropractic whiplash treatment is a high priority during this stage of car accident recovery.

Consulting with a chiropractor after your car accident can help speed up your recovery. Part of the treatment for whiplash includes addressing how severe the damage is. For example, depending on your specific condition, you have to first address the swelling before treating the underlying causes for your neck pain. Stretching out your neck muscles and resorting to ice pack treatment is often the first course of action our chiropractors take to limit swelling before going in for more intense treatment options.

The total recovery time for whiplash varies based on the severity of the injury. Treatment can last anywhere from six weeks to six months. No matter how severe or lengthy the timetable becomes, we will be with you at every step until all of your symptoms have subsided.

The time after an accident is always troubling. Seeking out a chiropractor to help in your recovery may help you get the treatment you need while you sort out any additional fallout you may be dealing with after the accident.

In addition to auto injury recovery treatments, Academy Injury & Health Center provides our clients with these services:

Joint Pain
Low Back Pain
Sports Injuries
● And More!

Contact Academy Injury & Health Center to get the car accident treatment you deserve and make an appointment today!