Chiropractic Adjustment

Our backs go through a lot of strain throughout the day. When we’re walking, running errands, or performing everyday tasks around the house, our backs are under a decent amount of stress. Because of this, lower back pain is increasingly common among people of all demographics. Though many factors determine how severe your lower back pain will get, there are ways to manage the pain head-on and address it at the source.

Has your lower back pain gotten progressively worse? Do you feel like the chronic neck pain you feel has a deeper underlying cause? These are common ailments that plague millions of people worldwide, and you shouldn’t have to suffer.

Factor in things like poor posture, poorly designed chairs, and improper lifting techniques, and you appreciate how much our backs go through. Taking proper care of your lower back requires actively taking precautions to limit potential damage. Regardless, if you are experiencing sporadic or constant lower back pain, you can visit Academy Injury & Health Center for a chiropractic adjustment and get some relief.

Neck Pain Relief 

Lower back pain can cause problems throughout our body and create issues that seem unrelated. The correlation between lower back pain and persistent neck pain stems from herniated disks in your spine. To achieve real neck pain relief, you must understand and treat the underlying causes of the neck pain under your chiropractor’s supervision.

While sciatica is usually the first indication of a potential herniated disk, neck pain can also be an early indicator of a lower back problem. Seeing a chiropractor for your neck pain helps address the situation and provide you with the relief you need.

Seeking a chiropractic adjustment for your neck pain can provide immediate relief. Our staff’s spinal adjustments allow your spine to realign into its natural position. Our team will work with you to get you the pain-free neck and back area that you deserve.

There are other forms of chiropractic adjustment for neck pain relief that do not require a hands-on approach. Using a Y strap adjustment, you can have spinal manipulation performed specifically along your body’s Y-axis.

The Y strap adjustment works through the Y strap tool. The tool stretches your spine directly along the Y-axis and releases the tension along your spine. As the pulling force exerts itself on your head and neck, it decompresses your vertebral discs and eases the pain.


Lower Back Pain Chiropractor

Chiropractic adjustments can help address your chronic lower back pain, and our chiropractors will help you feel the relief that you deserve. From sciatic to fully herniated discs, our team of lower back pain chiropractors has experience performing spinal adjustments and manipulations that help our clients with pain that they would otherwise have to live with throughout their life.

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