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What does a Chiropractor do for Lower Back Pain?

The American Chiropractic Association claims around 31 million Americans are experiencing lower back pain at any given time. This pain attacks anyone from young children to elderly adults. Being one of the top causes of disability in the world, lower back pain is so common. Therefore you should not have to suffer in silence as there are solutions in place. If you begin to experience any sort of pain in your lower back, do not worry, instead seek medical assistance to help prevent these uncomfortable aches. What does medical assistance entail? Residents in Northeast Philadelphia would be smart to turn to chiropractic care. A chiropractic professional can adjust your back by using their hands to relieve your back pain and bring comfort back into your life. 

What does a chiropractor do for lower back pain specifically? When your pain has become unbearable and you decide to pursue help from your local Northeast Philadelphia Academy Injury & Health Center chiropractors, they will help you address the problem of your chronic discomfort. From sciatic to fully herniated discs, Academy Injury & Health Center has the experience to perform any spinal adjustments and manipulations to help you live your life pain-free! Whether the pain has just begun or if it has been ongoing for some time, you are not alone. Our professional chiropractors can help you feel your best! 

How Chiropractic Therapy Can Help Back Pain

Chiropractic therapy is a unique tool that has helped millions of individuals across the world. Since it is not a traditional medical treatment, it has been named a type of complementary and alternative medicine. Chiropractic treatment can help relieve any pain, especially discomfort presented in the lower back area. 

During your first appointment at Academy Injury & Health Center in Northeast Philadelphia, your chiropractor will assess your symptoms and then create the best plan of action to relieve your pain. Through different techniques, your chiropractor will perform an array of motions to relax the muscles. Some common practices include spinal manipulation, short, sharp thrusting movements, gradually moving joints, and pulling or stretching the muscles in different directions. Receive only the best treatment for your lower back pain with the professional chiropractors at Academy Injury & Health Center.   

Why Choose Academy Injury & Health Center

If you are in the Northeast Philadelphia area and find yourself searching the web for a “chiropractor for lower back pain near me”, look no further than Academy Injury & Health Center. Specializing in only top-tier chiropractic health and wellness services, we understand that the human body includes many different mechanisms that are all responsible for different functions. If your body is not properly taken care of, it can turn into something much larger. Do not live in pain any longer, contact Academy Injury & Health Center to start your wellness journey with us!